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Awn_Echinochloa_lg.jpg (charming Define Awn #3)

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Awn_Echinochloa_lg.jpg (charming Define Awn  #3)Define Awn  #4 Figure 3. Parts Of A Spikelet.Awn Kaspersky Pure ( Define Awn Good Looking #5)No Story Points? Bad Team! (nice Define Awn #6)

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Define Awn  #4 Figure 3. Parts Of A Spikelet.

Define Awn #4 Figure 3. Parts Of A Spikelet.

Awn Kaspersky Pure

Awn Kaspersky Pure

No Story Points? Bad Team!

No Story Points? Bad Team!

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de•fine (di fīn),USA pronunciation v.  -fined, -fin•ing. 
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awn (ôn),USA pronunciation n. [Bot.]
  1. a bristlelike appendage of a plant, esp. on the glumes of grasses.
  2. such appendages collectively, as those forming the beard of wheat, barley, etc.
  3. any similar bristle.
awned, adj. 
awnless, adj. 
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